Money Heist – Netflix’s One Of The Best

Money Heist – Netflix’s One Of The Best

If you’re at home, sitting in front of your TV screen, mobile or laptop and looking for a new binge-worthy Netflix show for you to dive into, check out La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

I’ve been watching these foreign TV series lately and La Casa de Papel is without a doubt one of the best shows I’ve seen on Netflix. I was just blown away. It will steal your heart, you would want to  marry it.

The original language is Spanish but it can be translated into English as you like. I love the entire plot of the story, all the twists and tricks are gonna have you shook. Every episode will make you scratch your head and wait to see what happens next. La Casa De Papel is one of those rare shows that does not demand just your time, but your attention.

This show is filled with action, drama and thrill that can make you glued to your seat. It will take time to recover and feel the real world when one gets involved with watching the show. The only con for me is the horrible look of ARTURO and how annoying his character is. (lol)

For those who love suspense and thrillers, this show is a must-watch. (see the trailer)


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