Friday Currently | 01

Friday Currently | 01

Hi there! Welcome to my first entry for “Friday Currently”. If you’ve been reading entries from other bloggers, you definitely already have an idea what this is about. They actually call it “Sunday Currently”, but since weekend here is Friday, I’m doing it on a Friday. If you guys don’t know what this is about, it’s basically writing about what you are currently doing. The title is obvious, isn’t it? 🙂


So I’ve just seen four movies earlier before my fingers hit the keyboard and I might probably watch another one after. I’ve seen Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron man, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2. I’ll watch Thor next. Yes, I’m having a Marvel Movie Marathon! 😄





blog entries from other bloggers to get some ideas and techniques on how to be an effective blogger.



nothing sadly. But since it’s Ramadan and I work only 6 hours a day, I can have more time to write. Yey!



to Tagpuan by Moira Dela Torre. Ahh, my love for Moi. 💕



of what to write next. Any topic you want me to write?



pepperoni pizza I just ordered from Broccoli Pizza & Pasta.



it’ll still be Friday tomorrow. lol



to finish all my tasks at work this week. (I hope I’ll be able to do that :< )



last night’s sleep wear. I just love how I feel like my old teenage self. Those days when you can literally spend the whole day in bed, without worrying about anything. I like keeping my Fridays work-free. (because it’s supposed to be that way) #gottaloveFridays



that it’s Friday today! Haha! Who doesn’t love Fridays? It’s a work-free day! No pressure, no stress! Ahh, love it!



to get a whole body massage. As in right now.



time to rest. Vacation please!



tired lately. I’m telling you guys, working abroad is really hard….

A salute to all OFWs!


So that’s it! I just really wanted to write. I hope you’re all having a peaceful Friday. Have a great week ahead guys!


“Stay positive and throw lamps on those people who need to lighten up! Life gets better when you don’t worry about much things. Stay on your own lanes.” 😉


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