Weekend Thoughts

Weekend Thoughts

I don’t know how to start on this one. I don’t even know what title I should use. This however, is just a random entry. I just thought of writing something just because I’m bored and I feel like sharing you guys my thoughts.

It’s exactly 6:25 in the evening. I’m at home, all alone in the room. No internet connection, mobile’s network has no signal, sooo, I have no one to talk to. Wow. I’m gonna go crazy. Ugh. I don’t even know when I can publish this entry.

There’s actually a dinner party I’m supposed to attend to, but since I’m not comfortable with what I’m supposed to wear, I opted staying at home. So, here I am. Bored to death! 😐

I’m thinking of watching a movie I saved on my laptop or buy something to eat since I’m so hungry. But I’m too lazy to go out, so I’m just gonna order something online and have it delivered here in the flat. (oh shoot, I don’t have any access; I’m gonna starve myself lol)

Err, I feel like I’m gonna miss a lot on that dinner party though. Anyway, I could attend next year.

So yes, I fell asleep while trying to finish this entry. Mehe! I woke up at 8PM and I was starving. I ordered and ate tapsilog for my dinner. And then maybe go back to sleep! Lol

Guys, you may find this entry so boring, my apologies. But thank you though for taking time to read this nonsense.
I just wanted to write, that’s it.

Have a great day y’all!

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