Unwanted: Internet Negativity

Unwanted: Internet Negativity

To be honest, sometimes the internet can be completely annoying. Sometimes it’s funny videos or some uplifting posts, but a lot of times it’s draining. Agh, internet negativity.

You’ll see too many people having a whinge on Twitter and Facebook, and then some hideous breaking news and you’ll flick over to Instagram and you’re like, why am I not on a holiday? Why don’t I have that nice dress? Why don’t I have abs?

And then, you’re like woah, the internet has eaten me. I’m drained.

So this is an entry about how I try to limit the internet negativity from my life and how I attempt to not let it overwhelm me.



I’m one of those people who constantly refresh Twitter, Facebook and Instagram out of habit, even when I’m in the middle of doing something else.

I’m actually trying to limit my phone time. I don’t bring my power bank whenever I go out anymore, I let my phone run out of battery. (I mean, whenever I’m with the person I would always update my whereabouts. Lol)

I think it would be nice not having your phone and actually focusing on people you are with without any distraction. It also means you’re not going to see something unwanted online that could change your mood.



Unfollowing someone because you no longer share the same point of view isn’t malicious. You’ve got to put yourself first.

You should unfollow or mute anyone who brings an element of negativity to your life.



A big source of internet negativity for me has always been rude messages.

When I first started getting a bit of hate here and there, I’ve thought about whether to block the user or just ignore. Block and forget it ever happened or let them send you messages and ignore until they get tired.

I stuck out with the second option, believing in free speech and that. I’ve read them all but never looked back. And I actually prayed that they would have peace in their hearts.


I hope this entry would help you all. Let the negativity be banished. Chao!


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