Something Italian: Oregano Restaurant

Something Italian: Oregano Restaurant

In case you are wondering, I am currently just lying on my bed as I write this entry. Almost ready to hit the sheets but then decided to post this before July ends. I’m honestly feeling sleepy already but I want to share with you guys my first experience in Oregano Restaurant.

Everything was totally unplanned.

My colleagues and I were thinking where to eat for lunch and opted for Oregano Restaurant just because it’s close to our office.

It was my first time to dine in there. When I saw the place, the kid in me jumped out of excitement to take photos coz man, the interiors was really nice.


Aside from the lovely interiors, they also have a huge variety of items in the menu and as we pondered upon what to order they got us some bread along with a couple of nice dips to munch on.



We ordered some Oregano Wings for our starter.



And then we tried three kinds of pasta for our main dish.



You cannot go wrong with this restaurant. Although a bit pricey, the food are all tasty. They have excellent service as well!

TIP: They have 50% discount from your total bill every Tuesday when you dine in.

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