Embracing the Three Decades of My Life

Embracing the Three Decades of My Life

So, I just turned three decades today. Wow, what a scary thing to write. I was honestly freaking out the past few days about the fact that I’m getting a year older.

I may have freaked out but I realized, hitting this age can actually be pretty awesome. Instead of being stressed and anxious about my age, I’d rather be grateful and open to another year of life on this earth. Thanks be to God!

Turning 30 is a really big deal for me. It’s a huge milestone in my head. They say that it’s the new 20, that there’s no such thing as having things together magically when you become 30. I might say I’m old but I still kind of feel like a kid trying really hard to be an adult.

Soooo, the long anticipated day has come. No pomp nor fireworks. But hey, I received a birthday cake yesterday from my colleagues! Aren’t they the sweetest?


My day may seem like a normal Friday. The sun came up. I woke up and felt exactly the same as 29. I had my cereal for breakfast and of course, my vitamine C-offee.

I got a 20% off discount from Talabat and decided to order something from Pizzaro for our lunch. We had Margherita Pizza, Tagliatelle Alla Salsa Leggera and Linguine Ai Frutti Di Mare.


Instead of going out, currently laying comfortably in bed, because that’s aging. It’s a beautiful day in the most simple of ways.

How do you feel about being thirty? Share your thoughts! 🙂

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