My Goals For 2019

My Goals For 2019

Happy New Year people! As you all have noticed, my blog has been quiet as I felt uninspired to write recently. I felt completely lost and unmotivated to create any kind of content at all. I feel like I fell out of love with blogging.

However, today I woke up feeling motivated and inspired to write about something and determined to get back into this little hobby of mine. I thought that the best way to keep myself motivated was to write down some goals for 2019 and by putting my goals out in the open.

So here’s a few things I’m looking forward to this year, a few things I’m passionate about working on, and a few dreams I’ve got simmering under the surface somewhere.

Consistent blog writing

Throughout 2018 I’ve gone weeks, sometimes even months, without a single blog post. I want to get back into a routine of posting every week. (fingers crossed)

Have clearer skin

To share with you guys, my chin has become a myriad of zits for weeks now. I am trying on some skin care products which could possibly help prevent these zits. I’ll make a review of the products once I’ve seen the result. And yes, clearer and healthy skin for 2019!


Travel means visit the Philippines. I will make it possible this year since I really miss my family and friends back home. And I want to visit one specific country. 🙂

Drink enough water per day

I am planning to buy myself a water bottle and commit to empty it at least 2x per day. Some days it might be harder than others depending on what is going on, but overall I hope it will be much easier than I expect.

Spend less, save more

This year, I will try to save and spend less. I should always set financial goals no matter how much money I make.

Have you set yourself any goals for 2019? I wanna know yours. 🙂

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